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Raymond Gutierrez

Coming from a family of actors, Raymond Gutierrez decided to take a different path from the rest of the bunch and chose to focus his attention on hosting, writing and events. He, indeed made a name in his chosen industry and is now a full-pledged socialite. Raymond, who frequently graces the society pages and who frequently pops up on our social media feeds, gave us all a huge huge shock by his recent weight loss of sixty-five pounds in only 90-days! 

Raymond, the ultimate fitness inspiration of today, has further intensified his fitness routine and fat burning capacity through the help of a newfound perfect fitness partner – LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract Supplement.

“Find a partner that will help you, motivate you and encourage you to reach your fitness goals. For me my perfect fitness partner is Solenn and, of course, LUXXE Slim”

- Raymond Gutierrez

“To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, everything has to come together and work together. And it all feels more complete now that I’ve found LUXXE Slim”

- Solenn Heusaff

Solenn Heusaff

An “It Girl” for a reason and for a cause, Solenn Heussaff is really all that and even more. This versatile, all-around beauty is both a fitness and life inspiration. She made her name as a Professional Make-Up Artist before traversing into show business, where she now has certainly found her place. Solenn has proven her natural talent in acting as she appeared in several films and GMA’s Prime Time Hit Encantadia. All this happened while she continued to pursue her love for painting, fitness and cooking. A certified ACE of all trades, we also saw Solenn in “Party Pilipinas” where she was able to showcase her singing and dancing skills.

There is definitely no stopping for Solenn who is now shooting action-packed scenes for Kapuso serye Alyas Robinhood 2. With all that’s going for her, it really is perfect timing that Solenn has found the perfect fitness partner which keeps her energized - LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract Supplement.

Marlon Stockinger

At quite a young age, we have seen International Car Racer Marlon Stockinger in a multitude of car racing competitions such as GP3 and Formula Renault. He has raised the Philippine flag not only because of his presence in the said races, but also because of the number of championships he has won. Indeed, a true Filipino Pride, Marlon Stockinger speeds through the race track with the help of FRONTROW’s LUXXE health supplements.

“There’s only one FRONTROW and that’s the one I trust.”

- Marlon Stockinger

“For brightness in an instant, I use Instabright.”

- Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna

She looks like an angel, but is as fierce as a fox… Ellen Adarna, social media Goddess and television personality, is best known for her sexy body and flawless appearance. A boxing and yoga enthusiast, Ellen stays on top of her game by constantly breaking a sweat. This fun-loving vixen has also proven her on-screen abilities by starring at ABS-CBN’s Pasion de Amor, Langit Lupa, and Wansapanatym’s ‘Amazing Ving’.

Ellen flaunts sexy, white, well nourished skin, and an even skin tone, through regular use of FRONTROW’s NEW ultra hydrating Instabright Body Crème. 


Ford Valencia, Niel Murillo, Tristan Ramirez, Russell Reyes, Joao Constancia

They rock the mic, they rock the stage and they have the power to make any girl (regardless of size and age) fall in love… yes, they are Star Magic’s HOTTEST boy group “BoybandPH”. Bursting with talent, wit and, not to mention, good looks, these young heart throbs rose to fame by winning the Philippines’ BIGGEST boy band search. In a short span of time, these ultra talented boys have produced chart topping singles which include “We Made It” and “Unli”. 

Ford, Niel, Tristan, Russell and Joao maintain their fresh and charming vibe with FRONTROW’s NEW dynamic skin care product: DD Stick. 

“We guys like to keep it simple. FRONTROW’s DD Stick allows us to keep things simple while providing the skin coverage we need.” 

- BoybandPH: Ford Valencia, Niel Murillo, Tristan Ramirez, Russell Reyes, Joao Constancia

“It’s time for you to make LUXXE Renew your secret, too.”

- Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres

Reigning over the Universe and the Dance Floor forever, Ms. Universe Dayanara Torres is now also a super mom to two wonderful boys. Dayanara proves that being a mother shouldn’t keep a woman from the spotlight as she remains to be the epitome of timeless and ethereal beauty.

Dayanara is a true believer of LUXXE Renew Eight Berry Extract.

Fabio Ide

Brazilian Model, Host, Actor and Businessman Fabio Ide has won the hearts of Filipinos because of his love for our culture and his compelling performances on television. Certainly NOT your ordinary hunk, Fabio Ide is an active owner of several restaurants and night spots as well as an active distributor of FRONTROW.

Fabio is a true believer of LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract and LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract.

“A healthy life means a happy life. Thanks to FRONTROW’s LUXXE products, I can continue to do the things I love despite my hectic schedule.”

- Fabio Ide

“You can choose to live in the Frontrow… or the last row…”

- Bianca Manalo

Bianca Manalo

Bb. Pilipinas Universe Bianca Manalo absolutely sizzles on print ads and on television. A naturally talented actress, Bianca Manalo proved her ability to make us (both) laugh and cry through her appearance in sit-coms and soap operas including recent prime time hit On the Wings of Love.

Bianca is a true believer of LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract and LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract. 

Tim Yap

‘Cause their ain’t no party like a Tim Yap party, popular endorser, celebrity and television personality Tim Yap has also made his mark as a famous and trusted Eventologist. A traveler who is full of life, color and brilliant ideas, Tim Yap makes it a point to escape to marvelous destinations despite his hectic schedule as a restaurant, night spot and events company owner.

“Proud to be a part of Frontrow, a global company that inspires entrepreneurship and promotes empowerment. So blessed to have met so many wonderful, amazing and hard working people from this esteemed group.”

- Tim Yap

“Let’s move together and be in the Frontrow. Take action now and join us to a better life.”

- Phoemela Baranda

Phoemela Baranda

A proud supporter and believer of FRONTROW, model Phoemela Baranda continues to slay the runway ‘till this very day. The fabulous former teen model turned TV Host is still often seen as an endorser for big brands and on the Society and Celebrity pages of prominent publications. 

Alongside modelling and consistent hosting projects, Phoemela Baranda now also runs her own PR company.  She lives her life to the fullest by travelling the World, hitting the hottest events and feeding her need for speed as a bona fide car racer. Having so much zest for life, Phoemela achieves the perfect balance with the help of FRONTROW’s LUXXE health and beauty products.

Chris Banchero

At first, PBA Player Chris Banchero may catch your attention for his dazzling good looks. Though it won’t take long for you to realize that this pretty boy sure got game. An athlete by heart, the Alaska Ace’s Chris Banchero started playing for a team when he was still in high school. He also keeps fit through working out regularly and staying active in other sports such as golf.

Chris Banchero is a true believer of LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract and LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract.

“I take LUXXE health supplements before I work out, these are great supplements that help me with my stamina and my energy. I think everybody should take these.”

- Chris Banchero


- Michelle Gumabao

Michelle Gumabao

A star at the Volleyball Court and also on TV, Michelle Gumabao is now also gaining popularity from her television and print appearances. This “Lady Spiker”, who was the co-captain and MVP of the DLSU Volleyball team, has become a household name because of her mad blocking moves. Despite her overwhelmingly busy schedule from her showbiz and volleyball career, Michelle Gumabao is a loud and proud associate of FRONTROW and consumer of LUXXE products. So I guess we know where this young lady gets her radiance and energy from… ;)

Marco Gumabao

The young and fresh-faced Star Magic talent who we recently saw at prime time serye Ang Probinsyano does not only take after his sister’s athleticism and good looks. Just like Michelle Gumabao, Marco Gumabao chooses to soar high and live the FRONTROW life. Setting foot in showbiz while he was still in school, Marco continues to shine in front of the camera and now also enjoys a buff physique with the help of FRONTROW’s LUXXE Health and Beauty products.

“We are Frontrow. Are you?”

- Marco Gumabao

“I never really thought that a beauty supplement would be useful at this young age… that’s until I met LUXXE and saw the difference.”

- Kit Cunanan

Kit Cunanan

Good looks, good moves and a good heart led Kit Cunanan to triumph at That’s My Tomboy search in a popular noontime show. Representing the lesbian community as the Grand Winner of this unforgettable search, Kit remains to be a good role model and an ambassador of the LGBT community. Recently recognized as a “Celebrity-Entrepreneur Trailblazer”, we also see Kit Cunanan in an entrepreneurial light as a promising and aggressive FRONTROW distributor.

Kit Cunanan is a true believer of LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione.


Owy Posadas, Oliver Posadas, Clarence Villafuerte, Ully Basa

YouTube sensation the Chicser are best known for their killer dance moves and for making girls hearts beat a hundred times faster. The combination of their drop dead gorgeous looks and undisputable talent indeed justify their overwhelming fame on social media. You will surely have the time of your life by watching how the Chicser live their FRONTROW life, but these young heart throbs are not just all about fun. At a very young age, each member of the Chicser was bestowed a “Celebrity-Entrepreneur Trailblazer” award for their extraordinary success in mixing business with the glitz and glam of showbiz.

Owy, Oliver, Clarence and Ully are all true believers of LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione and LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract. Clarence, on the other hand, also thanks LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract for his massive weight loss and, current, fit physique.

“We live and breathe FRONTROW. The reason behind our glow are the multi-awarded LUXXE products.”

- Chicser: Owy Posadas, Oliver Posadas, Clarence Villafuerte, Ully Basa